Reviews “Between The Moon & The Midwest”

Q Magazine 4 Stars out of 5

“Between The Moon & The Midwest may slot in what looks to outsiders like a narrow gap between Sturgill Simpson’s cosmic choogle and the harder rock of Jason Isbell, but in country terms that’s a canyon – and it belongs to Austin Lucas”

R2 Magazine 4 Stars out of 5

“This simple formula is Country at its finest and Lucas does it better than most”

For The Country Record

“Austin Lucas wants to get some heartache off his chest, country music is a great place to do it”


“a dynamic collection of the Haggard kind, but with more cosmic..treatments and atmospheric duets“

Three Cords and The Truth, UK

“This album re-energises the spirit of country music storytelling”

American Roots, UK

“Austin is the man who, given the exposure, could turn fans of rock, pop, punk, metal, etc. on to the fact that real country music is not in fact a joke, but a viable, perhaps even vital, addition to their musical tastes” “his style really should be looked on as the yardstick for defining ‘real’ modern country music. ”

Blabber ‘n’ Smoke

“If you’re somewhat restless waiting for that next Sturgill Simpson album to drop then grab this, it will not only tide you over, it might even be better.”

Beat Surrender

“Between the Moon and The Midwest, the new album see’s Austin take a side-step into country territory with a wonderful collection of ‘proper’ songs, the heartaches for real, classic country stylings are deftly overlaid with that magical Cosmic American dust that shines a spotlight on the songs and the stories they tell.”

Lonesome Highway

“Between The Moon And The Midwest is an album deserving of attention and is solidly within the boundaries of alt-country broader pastures. Lucas possesses a voice that is right for these times.”

Give It Back Magazine

“…it’s good to have a bit of an organic exposure to lyric based good ol’ guitar music now and then, but only if it’s legit – and this is, you can trust Austin.”