Reviews Between The Moon & The Midwest

‘Between the Moon is a monumental achievement.’ – Adobe Teardrops

‘When Austin Lucas hits you with his most potent stories. It’s pure musical magic.’ – Saving Country Music…/

A Triumphant Return
‘Austin Lucas has taken a sharp learning curve over the course of his career, transitioning from a journeyman troubadour to an incisive songwriter who pours his heart and soul into each of his offerings’ – No Depression

“I’ve been told to walk away nearly every time I’ve made an album,” he confesses on album opener “Unbroken Heart.” Thankfully he’s ignored that advice. We music fans are all the better for it. – Twangville

From the opening notes of “Unbroken Hearts” to the final notes of “Midnight”, the album flows beautifully as one cohesive idea; the same refrains are revisited throughout, like a melodic character journey from song to song, moment to moment. – Mother Church Pew